Tuesday, December 11, 2018

the lost reindeer

The lost reindeer Oh no! Santa just woke up early to load the slay and deliver all of the presents to all of the kids in the world. “Ho,Ho,Ho my gosh matey,matey,matey going down.” Coming in for landing “ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Boom like a nuc hitting the ground. “Aaaaaaaah you guys alright “Dancer,prancer,dasher,comet,cupid,blitzen,vixen,donner” “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm where is Rudolph” “ Rudolph ,rudolph,rudolph where are you” “Elf are you there” “Yup right here” “Can you please try and track him down” “Ok” “Found him he is one minute away from you try and call him” “Rudolph!!!!!!” with a mighty call . “So santa looked to see if he was nearby so they found him and left with a Ho,Ho,Ho!!!!!!!!”

Monday, November 19, 2018

shoes made out of chocolate!!!!!!!!!what!!!!!!!!!wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Gentleman’s Radiance” shoes (Photo Credit: PRtimes.JP) With Christmas around the corner, Valentine’s Day is probably the last thing on your mind. However, don’t tell that to Motohiro Okai. The chocolatier, who works at the Rihga Royal Hotel Chocolate Boutique L’├ęclat in Osaka, Japan, has been feverishly working to perfect an exclusive line of “shoes” that will delight even the most discerning man. Dubbed “Gentleman’s Radiance,” the meticulously crafted chocolate shoes look like high-end footwear and even include shoe care accessories, like a shiny shoehorn and a tub of “shoe cream” filled with discs of tempered chocolate. Though only available in one size — 10.2 inches, or the equivalent of US shoe size 10 — buyers do have the option of choosing between dark, light, and reddish-brown colors. Shoe Accessories (Photo Credit: PRtimes.JP) Of course, shoes this exquisite and delicious, do not come cheap. A pair from this exclusive collection which can be pre-ordered starting January 20, will cost 29,160 Japanese Yen (US$ 258.45) each — close to the price of wearable high-end dress shoes. The only consolation is that Okai is planning on crafting just nine pairs! While spending so much money on chocolate may appear extravagant, it is fairly common in Japan, where the confection is the favorite gift of choice on Valentine’s Day. Hence, every year, chocolate manufacturers go all out to craft unusual pieces of edible artwork. Fortunately, most are more wallet-friendly than Okai’s “Gentleman’s Radiance!” Gentleman’s Radiance (Photo Credit: PRtimes.JP) Wondering why the chocolatier did not create a pair of stylish shoes for women as well? That’s because in Japan, it’s the women who purchase gifts for men on February 14. But before you cry foul, there is a silver lining. Men do not only reciprocate the favor on “White Day,” which is celebrated a month later on March 14, but also buy gifts that are at least three times the value of what they receive on Valentine’s Day! Resources: Prtimes.jp Play

Monday, August 20, 2018


Today I was versing a guy or girl that was a level higher higher than me and won!

Monday, June 4, 2018

my recount

One morning I woke up to have breakfast. For breakfast, I had eggs and toast, it was so delicious that I ate the whole thing.

After that I went for  a shower. After that I got changed in to my church clothes. My dad gets changed as well as me.

We got in the car and we drove to church.When we got there dad got out of his church clothes and puts on his chef clothes, so I watched him cook all the food
The food in the umu were taro, potatoes, chicken, polo tosisi, ta kihei, and puoaka. I helped them put the  food onto other trays and wrap it in tin-foil. I got to eat some of the pouaka. I also helped them put the food on the table.

When we went back to the main entrance with  my dad, he started getting changed into his church clothes again.

It was time for me to say my speech it was okay but I still managed to do it.  After all that, we went to eat. We went home as well as some food.

By Leo